Monday, December 21, 2009

Object-Relational Mapping Tool

In this post I will present an interesting application that I wrote during my university studies.

The goal of the project was to create a simple object-relational mapping application.

For more information about object-relational mapping and related tools please take a look at Wikipedia article:

Given a rational database, the application generates a number of Java packages and classes that work with selected database. These packages enable the programmer to access the database via language objects instead of using SQL statements. This makes the programming easier, more efficient and error-resistant.

Here is one of the basic use scenarios.

First of all, we need to select an existing database. We can use any database type (Java DB, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle,...) as long as we have the appropriate database driver.

After we enter all necessary data, database structure will be grabbed and shown to us, so that we can edit it before generating the source code.

After we have made necessary adjustments we can generate the source code. We can customize the source code generation with additional options:

At the end we can just open the generated project in NetBeans IDE and start programming...

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